How to get thicker hair || Lifestyle

I used to have quite thin + fair hair, and I’ve tried SOso many products and some of them have sort of worked… some didn’t, and I would like to share the lil’ jems I found on my journey:)


No1 ~ Wash your hair every other day.

Washing your hair everyday can wash out any good oils and health that your hair needs, and using the Miracle Moist Shampoo every other day washes out what needs to be washed out and locks in the moisture and health.


No2 ~ Eat Healthy, Healthy Hair.

If you eat things like eggs and food that contains protein than it can in the long term make your hair thicker and maybe even longer too.


No3 ~ Vitamin C.

Vitamin C, oranges mainly, can really affect your hair. Also there are products out there that are specially designed for your hair, like <<here>>  and <<here>>

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How to have a more tidy // clean home || Lifestyle

‘A messy room equals a messy mind.’ – Marie Kondo.


No1 ~ Music.

I find to get me into that ‘tidy mood’ the ONLY way to do that is to hit the tunes! My favourite music for tidying:

•Selena Gomez ‘Same old love.’
•Shawn Mendes ‘Treat you better.’
•Brittney Spears ‘Oops…I did it again.’
•Basically any ol’ cheesy song!


No2 ~ ‘There’s always a place for everything and everything has a place.’

There is a reason that those books and blankets are all scrambled over the floor in the living room – it needs a home! Try just going over the house and finding a place for everything. It will take some time and effort, but trust me, it will be worth it!


No3 ~ Imagine your clean home.

Just imagining the pillows straight and the carpets hovered motivates you 100x more!


No4 ~ Invite a friend around for later on in the day.

To save yourself from the embarrassment of a messy house invite a friend around to motivate you to clean//tidy.

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Updated: Makeup bits I’m loving atm || Lifestyle

(All photos in this blog are my own).



No1 ~ Revolution Soph x highlighter palette. 

This has a good range of highlighters for all skin types//colours:)

No2 ~ Freedom eyebrow pomade ‘Auburn.’ 


No3 ~ MUA contour + bronzer palette.

This is natural and goes onto the skin really nicely:)



No4 ~ Miss Guided matte lipstick.

This has SUCH a nice colour, and I’ve recently got in to brown lipsticks (!) and this is PERFECT.


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Types of pictures I am loving atm || Lifestyle


No1 ~ Trees.

When it JUST starts to get dark is when it’s the perfect opportunity to take A-mazing pictures of trees ~ I think they just look so fascinating!

No2 ~ Bright & sunny pictures.

As you can probably tell by all the pictures I have taken in my previous blogs, I love just BRIGHT pictures ~ they just look pretty in my opinion.

No3 ~ Sunsets & beaches.

Someday I would love to visit somewhere like Sydney, cos they DO have the best sunsets (apparently).

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Little things you can do to make your day better || Lifestyle

With work//school and everyday life, it’s easy to forget the simple ‘lil things that make our days THAT much better. Here is a list of things you can do to make your day a better one:


No1 ~ Treat yourself to a good ol’ bargain!

You all know that I LOVE a good bargain, and New Look is just the place to do it – head over there cos they got a WHOLE load of sales on there so….


No2 ~ Take a few mins out of your day to look at your celebrity crush.

Just looking at your celebrity crush can REALLY brighten your day, and makes you feel better.


No3 ~ Try a new coffee shop every day.

Coffee is a BIG part of your day, and if your going to the same ol’ one everyday, you start to get bored without even realising it.

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How to be happy || Lifestyle

I feel like this is a subject that isn’t touched on much because it is classed as ‘simple’ when really, everyday life generally doesn’t include being happy. It may SEEM simple, but I assure you, with this list you will be happy:


No1 ~ Turn your thoughts upside down!

Don’t worry if your always going ‘Ugh!!’ – all the time and not smiling, because it is a natural human tendacy to do so even at the little things that we could easily turn to happiness. For example, today I went for a walk and I didn’t want to but I made myself go because I wanted to push myself, but then I thought that soon as I have to anyway, I might as well enjoy it. It IS all in the mind, if you say to yourself you are enjoying it and having a good time, most likely you’ll believe yourself, and that will lead to a lot nicer of a life.


No2 ~ Have a seat.

Sit down and get comfortable, cos you’re gonna have a good ol’ chat to yourself and think about what makes you happy. Whether that’s swimming or going to the beach and having a big bbq with friends//family, (one of the many things that makes me happy) plan a day to do it and do them! Make sure you are kind to yourself and just have a break.


No3 ~ Smile.

Smiling and Laughing Reduces Stress. Since body language and mood are so linked, it makes sense that laughing on purpose helps us too. Smiling relaxes the facial muscles and calms the nervous system. Laughing sends more oxygen to the brain. (Snippet just then was from google). Smiling also make others around you feel nice inside, which usually shows, which makes you happy as well!

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Books I am loving atm || Lifestyle

I just love how books can just take you to another world… even if you have the WORST problems in the world, if you just whip out a good book I’m sure they’ll melt away….. (All photos in this blog are my own.)



No1 ~ Narnia, The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe.

I know I’ve said in previous blogs that I love Narnia books, but I just DO! I can’t explain how good they are – surprisingly this is the only book I have read from the Narnia collection, but I’m just scared I won’t like it as much as I like this book!



No2 ~ The Magic Years Of Beatrix Potter.

I do admire Beatrix Potter and her work, and I do love the story’s she told! When I saw this book in the libary I was really excited as I have watched the movie of Beatrix Potter but I still hardly knew anything about her, so this was the perfect opportunity to learn more about her.



No3 ~ Tanya Bakes Baking Book By ‘Tanya Burr.’

I just LOVE the recipes in this book, not only are they quick and easy, (well, most of them) but they are really fun too! I will leave a link cos it is so good:



No4 ~ Anna Sewell ‘Black Beauty.’

As you probably know, this title is known for a REALLY good movie ~ definitely watch it if you haven’t ~ but I promise you, the book version is SOso much better.


No5 ~ Roald Dahl ‘Esio Trot.’

This is one of the books that just send me into another land of creativity and imagination. It makes me sad when the last page is flipped!



No6 ~ Judy Blume ‘Just As Long As We’re Together.’

This book is so good to go somewhere into another land, it has such a creative storyline and it is the sorta book to read before going to sleep.


No7 ~ Peter Clover ‘Sheltie And The Snow Pony.’

This actually aches my heart at some points in the story, makes me cry, then makes me scared and then makes me happy, and that to me is a sign of a good book.

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Tips on how to be more active || Lifestyle

You know those times where you feel like a piece of rubbish just lying around and can’t be bothered to do anything ? It’s all very well BEING active but how ? Well if you TRY some of these things ima bout to tell you, you most likely won’t feel that way:


No1 ~ Take vitamins in the morning.

Just a few ‘lil vitimain tablets//sweets in the morning with a glass of water and some porridge helps ENORMOUSLY. If you do decide to try it, you will most probably NEVER feel like a piece of dirt again! Here are some I recommend:—iron-x60-7569701-p-44


No2 ~ Have your daily intake of water.

Depending on your age, you will have different daily intakes of water, and keeping hydrated is KEY.

For an average woman = 2.7 litres (11 cups)

For an average man = 3.7 litres (15 cups)

For 9-12 year olds = 1.5 litres (7 glasses)

For 13+ years = 2 litres (8-10 glasses)

For 5-8 years = 1 litre (5 glasses)


No3 ~ Stretch in the morning.

Just givin’ a ‘lil stretch in the morning really sets you in a good mood for the day. Stretching in the morning helps to increase the blood flow to your muscles, and more blood in your muscles means more energy in the morning, and helps you to be more active throughout the day.


No4 ~ Take up walking.

Just getting some fresh air and getting off the screen really shows maturity and health, and it helps your body as it IS exercise and we were given legs for a reason! This has worked wonders for me so hopefully the same for you:)

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Things I am afraid of || Lifestyle

For you guys to get to know me a ‘lil bit more, you have to know what I am afraid of. There is no point in hiding it and keeping it a secret – we all have fears. So here are mine:


No1 ~ Blood//Anything Squamish like//Doctors.

I get really bad for these sorta things, most of the time I do even FAINT at them. But recently I have learnt to control those emotions, and I have come to realise that it’s just all in the mind. If I think I get paranoid at this stuff, than I will be for as long as I believe in it. But if I learn to control it, then it will help me out in life BIG TIME!


No2 ~ Spiders//Creepy crawlies.

I’m sure that this is VERY common, but they give me the shudders just thinking about them ~ but I have to care for them a little bit, cos I always get sad when someone kills one, because they deserve a life just as much as we do.

90969FC9-9972-4076-9583-14E6973D1455(My own photo ~ used in previous blogs.)

No3 ~ Snakes.

Sssssss *shudders* I hate the thought of having a snake around my neck ~ they could bite you in one mouthful! Well done you though If you have a pet snake, I don’t know how I would do it 😂

‭‭DD2BE015-5695-4FF0-80EB-CD298089F15B(Same as the last one)

No4 ~ The thought of a man/woman in the house with a gun.

I know it’s silly, but i just get soso scared at this !! But then I tell myself that if there even WAS a woman/man out there with a gun near me, why would they be looking for me? I would never put it past me…..

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Gift ideas || Lifestyle

I found these sort of things work a TREAT. Remember to wrap the presents (if your buying more than one present) individually as it makes it look more:) ‘lil life hack there for YA:)


Photo creds <<here>>



Photo creds <<here>>

No1 ~ Lush Makeup.

Clue is in the name, people! Lush. Lush. This is actually one of my FAVOURITE gifts ever, so I would definitely recommend it. My favourite makeup product is probably the Mascara they have in there, it goes on really nice and makes your eyelashes look INCREDIBLE!!


(Photo creds to google)

No2 ~ Rimmel Stay Matte Liquid Lipstick.

The colour ‘Latte to go’ amazes me. I have been in love with brown lipsticks lately and the last one I had was on the go, so I thought that I would buy a new one – I looked in boots and saw this one! Love at first sight….

C736368A-A548-49C9-AE2C-7A8E3D68BBD5.jpegPhoto creds to <<here>>

No3 ~ Grey Knot Jumper By Sainsbury’s. (£16)

I have this for myself actually, and it not only fits really nicely but it looks FABulous tucked into some good ol’ primark skinny jeans!

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