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I have recently been feeling really inspired about what I want to do when I grow a bit older. If you have been here a while, you will already know some hobbies I love, and what I want to do. But here is what I want to do:


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I want to become a travel photographer. I think it would be great for me to get out there and see the world, and especially doing it with the thing I love: photography. I would tell you the steps that I hopefully am going to take in order for this to happen, but you never know who will steal my career path:)

Anyway, I am going to take my dad’s motorhome as that will cover the costs of paying for hotel rooms, which will save a LOT of money. After I finish photography school, I can email magazine companies and ask if they would like me to take pictures they ask for. If they agree, I can earn money off taking pictures for them.

As they will have to give credits, I can grow myself from there. Hopefully other magazine companies will see me and like my pictures, and they can ask for me to take pictures for them or I can ask them. I will ask for the magazine companies to leave my Instagram account on there for readers, and hopefully people will click on the link I will leave in my bio on Instagram and I will link them to this blog channel, which will become my travel blogs:) – and then I can start earning money off of travel blogs and affiliate links – whilst doing what I love!

This will all hopefully happen after I go to college and leave college, and then after that I can begin my photography career.

And all the money I can I will put into a savings account, and once I want to settle down and have children I can buy a studio and learn what it’s like to be on the fashion side of photography, and that way I don’t have to travel and go all over the place (as I already did) whilst having children. – When I’m a lot older though!

So I thought I would share my thoughts with you guys as I feel really inspired and excited about becoming a photographer. I think it will be an amazing journey and I hope to share it with you:)

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A look inside my makeup bag || Lifestyle

So it’s been a good 6 months or so since I last did a beauty related blog, and I’ve recently found some new products that not only look good on the skin but is actually really good for your skin too, as they do say, ‘Good skin is the best foundation for your makeup.’ And I have been going for a fresh face sorta look recently so here goes:



(My own photos)

No1 ~ Glossier balm doctom in ‘Cherry.’

This product is super good for dehydrated lips – for example before I ordered this my lips were chapped and sore, whereas when this product arrived at my door and I used it, I instantly knew that I’de love it. Love at first sight, it was.


(My own photo)

No2 ~ L’Oréal Paris true match concealer in the shade Ivory.

This concealer is quite full coverage so if you don’t like that then don’t buy this piece of art; I find that blending it in with my fingers makes it look more natural and generally nicer.


Tanya Burr Selfie Sculpt, in the shade ‘dark.’

This product I only got the other day but it’s somehow made it’s way to my makeup bag. I absolutely love this for my eyebrows and it shapes and fills them in perfectly.


No4 ~ Soap and glory thick and fast high definition collagen coat mascara.

I still have my love for this mascara! If you remember wayyyy back to the start of these blogs then you will remember me doing a beauty segment where I show you guys what products I had used recently, and this mascara was in it. Deeeeep love.


No5 ~ Bronze and Sculpt contour kit by MUA luxe. 

So looking at this link, I would have linked it to Superdrug but it was actually cheaper for the exact same thing at Luxplus so I figured I would link it to that – you’re welcome:) And I absolutely love this contour – it’s a really good dupe for the Hoola bronzer by Benefit, and I actually use this product as a contour but ya know:)


No6 ~ Missguided matte lip colour.

So this link actually takes you to a full lipstick range of missguided but the one I’ve got here is the brown one, so just keep your eyes peeled! I haven’t actually seen those other lipsticks before and I just had a look at them – probably in my next beauty blog they will be in there!


No7 ~ Brushes.

There is quite a few brushes in my makeup bag but these are definitely my faves and the most used! These are the links:

Sleek eyeshadow brush (the black one) : <<here>> 

Ted baker angled eyebrow brush with spoulee set: <<here>>

Pink eyeshadow blending brush (the one in the middle) : <<here>>


No8 ~ Revolution Sophx eyeshadow palette. 

Anyone remeber this also from the start of my blogs cos I do! It’s still going and look – the eyeshadows still look untouched and I’ve been using this nearly everyday!

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Been busy || Lifestyle

I realise I have left you guys for a couple of months – I think I just needed a break and I’m sorry. I plan on doing wayyyy more blogs now as everything is starting to head up now:)

In the last few months where I haven’t been here there has been a lot of stuff going on and I couldn’t function very well. I’ve got loads of things to tell you and it feels great to return home after a long getaway!


(Photo creds to <<here>> )

It wouldn’t make sense if I only told you what’s been going on with me for only the last few months, so I’m going to fully tell you my life story:


It all started when I was just 3 years old, and my mum bumped into a man named Peter. My mum used Peter and still uses him until this very day. Peter is around 83 years old, and mum is just turning 35 this July. (She had me at a young age, I’m not that young). Peter has a fair amount of money, which is why my mum hangs out with him. He has always paid for me and my sister’s school uniform, school shoes, school bags and basically anything we need or want. In my entire life I have only had 2 shopping trips where it was just my mum, my sister and I. All the others Peter “tagged along” when I knew and I think my sister knew was just because then he could pay for everything.

My dad always hated Peter (which I’m sure any dad would) and my mum and dad always had arguments about how mum brought Peter into me and my sister’s lives. When this happened my dad would always go to his sister’s house (my aunty) and stay there for the night. Eventually when I was 6 years old they broke up and went their separate ways, as they were totally different people at this point. My mum smokes drugs and now has taken up alcohol, and my dad doesn’t smoke and doesn’t drink heavily. I still remember the day that my mum and dad broke up, and it is a vivid image that will always stay in my mind:

I saw a skinny tattooed man run down the stairs as quick as the wind. I then saw him kiss my mum when he went into the kitchen. I was confused as to why there was another man in the house that wasn’t my dad and certainly wasn’t just my mum’s friend. I thought nothing of it but my gut was telling me to call my dad. So I did. He drove back from work and pulled up by the side of the house. He knocked and tried to open the door. My mum in her pink dressing gown -that she’s still got to this day- blocked the door and wouldn’t let my dad in the cottage. He banged on the door and tried to kick it open but my mum is very strong and still held the door shut. I remember thinking, “this is all my fault.” I also remember seeing my dad’s big innocent eyes looking at me as he flapped open the letter box. I ran up to my bedroom that I shared with my sister and I climbed onto my pink bed. I cried and cried into my bumble bee pillow and I felt all alone now more than ever. Little did I know that this was the very beginning of my misery.”

From then on my dad moved out and lived at my Aunty’s house. At first my sister came with me to go back and forth to my dad’s and to my mum’s house. As my dad isn’t my sister’s dad, when my dad told her off she got annoyed and offended. She told mum who then stopped my sister from seeing my dad. I was then in it all alone this time. So it was just me, going back and forth and back and forth all the time.

My Aunty and my uncle then broke up. They were fighting all the time and my aunty now tells me that she pretty much knew that my uncle was cheating on her with her best friend -who are now engaged- and that’s one of the reasons why they broke up. My aunty’s dad (my grandad) always used to come around and we would have bbqs and fun days out all together. Now it was just me, again. So my sister had left, my aunty had left and my grandad had now left too. I wondered where everyone had gone. One minute we’re all at a theme park on scary rollercoasters and eating sour lollipops, and the next minute the house is empty and quiet. I knew deep down that all those fun days out with all of us were now just faint, happy memories.

It made sense that me and my dad moved out as everyone else had, so we made our way out of the front door and moved to a small flat, surprisingly owned by my uncle. We still live there even now. I remember coming in and seeing a smashed photo of my aunty and uncle (I would say their names but I won’t just for safety reasons) of them smiling and laughing as they swam in a really blue swimming pool. I was around 7 turning 8 years old now, and this was just a wake up call about how my great big happy family had now divided into 3 and how I was stuck in the middle of it all, and I didn’t know who the hell to choose. I loved them all so much. When I was over at one family, I would always miss the other. It was almost as if it was impossible to be happy.

Now a year later of going in between the families, I was in y5. At school it wasn’t the best. I had hit puberty, there was this one mean girl who made me feel self conscious of myself in general and I had lots of arguments with my mum and my sister. My sister was then turning into just a younger version of my mum. My mum used to hit her, but she would never dare to hit me as she was always scared of me going to live full time with my dad.

I started to have a really hard time at my mum’s and I realised just how different I am to my sister and my mum. So I decided to live full time at my dad’s and as soon as I told my mum she kicked me out. So I called my dad to come pick me up, and he did. As soon as I got home I received text messages from my mum saying I was two – faced and how I’m horrible and that I’m a liar. I blocked her and I now don’t speak to her. It’s been two months and she hasn’t tried to contact me – makes me think she’s forgotten me really. Anyway, I’m really happy at my dad’s and I know I made the right decision.

I would love to know your life story if it’s not too personal, and we can all give each other advice!

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P.S. Feels good to be back:)

Why wasps are useful || Lifestyle

Ever wondered why a wasp even exists? Ever thought that the bees do all the work? Well this list will prove you wrong:


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No1 ~ They can kill crop-destroying insects.

Like slugs and other animals that destroy your crops, wasps can actually kill them so they can be benifital to your garden when you want to grow food.


(Photo creds to <<here>> )

No2 ~ They mind their own business.

Unlike bees that fly into your face and hair and get in your way, wasps try to avoid human species. They just go around their day normally.


(Photo creds to <<here>> )

No3 ~ They are only attracted to certain things.

Also unlike bees that are virtually attracted to anything and anyone, wasps are only attracted to obvious things like open cans of fizzy drinks, fallen apples on the ground and other sweet food resources.

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Chocolate cookies || Food

I do love a good chocolate cookie that melts on your tongue and tastes delicious! Here’s the BEST chocolate cookie recipe:


(Photo credits to <<here>> )


  1. 200g salted butter, softened.
  2. 300g brown sugar.
  3. 2 medium eggs.
  4. 2tsp vanilla extract.
  5. 300g self raising flour.
  6. 1tsp baking powder.
  7. 300g chocolate chips.
  8. 80g cocoa powder.


First, preheat the oven to 180 Celsius, and then get out a large mixing bowl. Now put in butter and the brown sugar and mix together until light and fluffy. Now beat in eggs and the vanilla extract and mix together.

Next sift the flour, cocoa powder, self raising flour and baking powder into a separate bowl and then pour into the light and fluffy creamed bowl and mix well. Now add the chocolate chips. 

 Finally, line out a baking tray with baking paper and spoon the cookie mix into cookie shapes on the baking tray. Put into the preheated oven for around 12 minutes, cook until light and golden. Careful not to burn them!


Inspiration from <<here>> ! Did put the method and ingredients into my own words though:)

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Tips on how to save the environment || Lifestyle

It’s a horrible thought that some day the poor birds won’t be able to live in the trees as they have all been chopped down and it’s sad to think that one day the hedgehogs won’t have bushes to hide in. So let’s do what we can to save the ANIMALS!! This can be established by the TREES method:


(Photo credits to <<here>> )

No1 ~ Teach others about the importance.

It’s very important that not only us know just how vital it is that we save the environment, but the people around us know too. Even if it’s just family members or a couple of friends, tell them as they might tell others and hopefully the word will spread.


(Photo credits to <<here>> )

No2 ~ Restore the environment.

Just planting a few trees or maybe some flowers in your back garden can REALLY help for the future.


(Photo credits to <<here>> )

No3 ~ Encourage.

Just encouraging a few friends to recycle ♻️ or encourage them to live in some way that doesn’t hurt the environment, tell them the benefits and how much this could actually SAVE the rainforests in huge amounts. If they agree, maybe even encourage them to tell some of THEIR friends to, just to raise some awareness.


(Photo credits to <<here>> )

No4 ~ Establish. 

Try establishing some parks to protect rainforests and wildlife.


(Photo credits to <<here>> )

No5 ~ Support some companies.

It would help HUGELY if you support some companies that help raise awareness or money that go towards the rainforests and wildlife, as then more people will get involved.

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P.s. the whole TREES idea was from <<here>>

New things to try part 2 || Lifestyle

Ever feel like the same thing is happening everyday?


(Photo credits to <<here>> )

No1 ~ Print of your favourite pictures.

This is so satisfying, you can get it done at boots but the HP sprocket covers everything, and it’s quick and easy.


(Photo credits to <<here>> )

No2 ~ Say yes to everything for one full day.

Saying yes to everything for one full day can open yourself up to loads of different opportunities. See what happens!


(Photo credits to <<here>> )

No3 ~ Try learning a new language.

Although this new thing to try will take a lot longer than the others, this is actually my favourite. You don’t even have to speak the language that you are learning fluently, you can just try to learn the basic words like, ‘Hello, goodbye, how are you, yes and no.’ My recommended language to try and learn is Germany, as if you speak English then a lot of the words are very similar.


(Photo credits to <<here>> )

No4 ~ Start writing a journal.

Writing a journal at the end of the day is supposed to be really good for your mind, as whatever troubles you may have faced that YOU didn’t even know you faced your mind can just splash on the pages of a notebook. Just make sure you allow your brain to write, and try not to think about what your going to write ~ after all, you’re only writing to yourself.

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The lip balms I’ve been wearing || Lifestyle

Ever got chapped lips and sometimes lip balm just made it worse? Well here are a few good quality excellent smelling lip balms for you to try:


No1 ~ Boots Extracts lip balm in mango. 

This smells INCREDIBLE, and it does the job:)


No2 ~ Antigua and Barbuda the beach is just the beginning lip balm.

I couldn’t find a link to this lip balm, but I definitely do love it ~ it also smells A-mazing.


No3 ~ Boots Extracts lip balm in strawberry. 

This straight up smells like strawberry laces ~ which I love! Also sorry about the link… but at least I found the body butter! It looked pretty much the same thing anyway:)

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Where to shop for knitted jumpers || Lifestyle

I LOVE knitted jumpers (despite the fact I don’t wear them very often) and there are definitely some fake ones out there. So here are a few that are the softest things to wrap around your shoulders:


(Photo credits to <<here>> )

No1 ~ H&M.

This red and comfortable jumper has SUCH a nice colour and it goes with a LOAD of things, like these leggings.


No2 ~ Missy Empire.

This is a super baggy, white knitted jumper and is perfect for the winter//colder months.


No3 ~ H&M.

We’re back to H&M! H&M Just has the best jumpers ~ I mean some of them are pretty expensive but some actually are only like £18 which is still up there, but at least it’s not £50 like some are out there:)


No4 ~ Amazon.


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