Things I am afraid of || Lifestyle

For you guys to get to know me a ‘lil bit more, you have to know what I am afraid of. There is no point in hiding it and keeping it a secret – we all have fears. So here are mine:


No1 ~ Blood//Anything Squamish like//Doctors.

I get really bad for these sorta things, most of the time I do even FAINT at them. But recently I have learnt to control those emotions, and I have come to realise that it’s just all in the mind. If I think I get paranoid at this stuff, than I will be for as long as I believe in it. But if I learn to control it, then it will help me out in life BIG TIME!


No2 ~ Spiders//Creepy crawlies.

I’m sure that this is VERY common, but they give me the shudders just thinking about them ~ but I have to care for them a little bit, cos I always get sad when someone kills one, because they deserve a life just as much as we do.

90969FC9-9972-4076-9583-14E6973D1455(My own photo ~ used in previous blogs.)

No3 ~ Snakes.

Sssssss *shudders* I hate the thought of having a snake around my neck ~ they could bite you in one mouthful! Well done you though If you have a pet snake, I don’t know how I would do it 😂

‭‭DD2BE015-5695-4FF0-80EB-CD298089F15B(Same as the last one)

No4 ~ The thought of a man/woman in the house with a gun.

I know it’s silly, but i just get soso scared at this !! But then I tell myself that if there even WAS a woman/man out there with a gun near me, why would they be looking for me? I would never put it past me…..

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